Unique Schools

Unique Schools

The ability to get education is a big treasure that every person should appreciate. A lot of us do not understand what it means no to be able to attend school and to obtain a university degree after school. The goal of education is not only to help people find a decent job and make money. Education makes us more responsible and contributing members to our society – this is what matter as long as the society exists. Education learn us how to write a literary analysisdescriptive essay or another assay. We all are different people with our own interests and points of view, but education lets us cooperate with other people more productively and to create a better future for ourselves and next generations.

Children Can Get Education Even in a Cave

There are a lot of peoples on this planet that have a very low level of living. However, they know that education is a truly essential thing for every person and do whatever is possible to organize schools for their children. One of the 55 ethnic groups officially recognized by the government of China is the Miao. This ethnic group lives in the South of China, in the mountains. In the mountains the Miao people have built their school which is famous today as the Zhongdong cave school located in Guizhou province of China. Correct, this school is located exactly in a huge cave in the mountains.

For many people such a location might seem very interesting and unique, but the Miao people did not choose where to educate their children. For them this cave was the only option: Guizhou province is one of the poorest Chinese provinces because of its climate conditions. Enduring draughts and desertification result in lack of food and water, and people who live in this province must fight for their lives every single day. Certainly, such a low level of living negatively affected children’s ability to attend school. The problem was solved, however, when in 1984 a school was opened inside of the Zhongdong cave. Eight teachers used to educate 150 Miao children.

Definitely, it is hard to say that such a location is the most favorable one for young students who are getting knowledge, but there were certain advantages of studying in a huge cave: children could enjoy a picturesque view, fresh air, and really great acoustics for singing in a choir. Children could play basketball and other games and have a rather active lifestyle during the breaks. The most important thing is that the school served its main purpose – it provided children with education. With little or no help from the government, the Miao people did not give up and managed to use every possible source to help their children get the knowledge that they will need in future. However, the Chinese government closed the Zhongdong elementary school in 2011 because it negatively affected the country’s reputation. Certainly, a school located in the cave does not seem like the most attractive educational institution, but this institution would not have existed if there had been other alternatives.

When Desire To Teach Is Strong, Schools Can Be Anywhere

The cave school in China is not the only one that attracts people’s attention. In India there is a very unique school that is also worth being mentioned. As we all know, millions of Indian people live in extreme poverty. But even this does not change the fact that children need to get education. And there are people who understand that and try to improve the education situation in India. This country is overcrowded, and a lot of families live straight on the train platforms. Since these parents cannot send their children to the school, the school has found these children itself. Twenty-five years ago there was established the first train platform school in India that gave children an opportunity to learn how to read and write and get other knowledge right at the platform.

Initially there was supposed to be only one school at the platform in the city of Bhubaneshvar, but the plan have changed and improved. Today there are a number of train platform schools around India whose goal is to give every child, for whom a regular school is inaccessible, a great chance to get education. These children get a foundation course which is necessary for them to continue their education in a governmental school. Nutrition, sanitation, and health care are the essential components of this course. Children at the age of 6 to 14 can attend take this course. The goal of Ruchika Social Service Organization is to educate 2,100 children in 70 different centres, with the total of 120,000 students.

Poverty and climate conditions have always preventing children from getting proper education. Even now, when we look at the literacy level of many countries we see a very frustrating picture: there are countries where the literacy level does not even reach the 50% mark, which means that less than half population of these countries knows how to read and write. Nevertheless, due to some great inspiring people who set a high goal of giving education to as many people as possible, today’s children get a chance to attend classes and learn how to read and write and get other useful knowledge and skills. As long as we have people who are eager to go to school and develop and people who are eager to work hard to make this world a better place, children of future generations have a hope to be able to get educated.