Smartphone Study

Smartphone Study

No matter how good the student’s performance is, he is always occupied with something. And the pace of life doesn't decrease from the first course to the fifth or sixth. Always there is a huge heap of affairs. For example: where and how to earn; from whom to buy the report on practice; how to find time for sleeping, how to find time for write my essay; how to manage to have a rest before that; how to sleep and so on … Besides presently the need for obtaining information and data processing significantly increases. And for this purpose we all have a universal tool assistant — the smartphone. Why smartphone? The answer is simple. It is not such bulky as the laptop or the tablet and it also possesses the simple, fast and optimized interface. However the smartphone in itself practically means nothing. But what makes it really useful is the programs and applications which we install every day. There are some great paraphrasing tools too! Nowadays we have tones of applications and sometimes it is difficult to define which is the best and the most suitable. In this article we give some information about the most popular programs among students.

iStudiez (schedule)

To have the schedule in a notebook is the last century. It is inconvenient to use it even in the unpacked way. But if everything is beautifully issued in a mobile application and is even able to remind, at once there is a wish to go to classes and to write down that set. The iStudiez won’t let you to forget your classes and in this application it is possible to hammer once the schedule and not to get lost in your endless classes. This application gives you an opportunity to have all tasks in one place and even to keep a track of your grades. It is impossible to forget to do your home task or to get ready for a test if you have iStudiez!

Book aloud (audiobooks)

Humanitarian students are obliged to read a lot, and students of technical specialties simply don't have time for fiction. For both the Book Aloud app is very helpful as you will be able to choose, download and listen to audiobooks any minute you like. In this case time will pass with double advantage and if you want to read — not a problem. 70% of books are supplied with the text version synchronized with a sound track. The special section of library contains free audiobooks by means of which you will be able to test a format.

Alarm clock puzzle

Sometimes it is more difficult to wake up, than to solve the most difficult problem. And here, when the usual alarm clock doesn't help anymore and you learned to disconnect it literally in a dream, the special application "Alarm clock puzzle" comes in handy. After all to disconnect it you have to strain your brain. It is worth solving an arithmetic problem in such state — and that is it, you are awake! The brain starts working with might and main, and as a result here comes the energy. Good morning! This day will be definitely productive!

MyScript Calculator (calculator)

The ordinary calculator by default is in every smartphone, but at the solution of the multilevel sums demanding difficult calculations, calculation becomes more difficult. And after all so offensively simply to make a mistake by a carelessness and because of one figure which is incorrectly hammered into the calculator. The MyScript Calculator app comes to the rescue: you simply draw by hand difficult sums on the screen of the smartphone, and it transfers it to signs and calculates the correct answer. This program will become the pocket assistant for all who works in the sphere of exact and natural sciences.


To expand a standard course of university and to study in foreign higher education institutions it is easily possible — with the known Coursera service. But if your inquisitiveness doesn't know limits and it is difficult to find room for such additional classes in the schedule, the mobile application from a platform of online courses is useful. By means of it this application is convenient to study new interesting programs and it is possible to watch video lectures literally on your way to university or home.


In this application there is a set of functions so the main goal — not to forget to use them in the benefit to study. In Evernote you can write down lectures, group them, add photos, supply with reminders and even geotags. Generally, postpone your thick notebook on rings in which nobody is already able to sort something, and you pass to Evernote. It’s a big plus that all data can be synchronized with a cloud, from where files then will get on your computer or any other device. Well it also can’t be lost, unlike the notebook forgotten unintentionally.


If you often catch yourself that instead of getting ready for a seminar, you hang in Instagram or Facebook — this piece is for you. The app blocks your access to any sites and programs. You make "black list" of offenders and you choose time on which it is necessary to block them. The most important — action won't manage to be cancelled, even having rebooted a gadget. No cheating, only fair play!