How to Title an Essay: A Guide for Beginners and Pro Writers

How to Title an Essay: A Guide for Beginners and Pro Writers

When writing any paper, we have more interest in the choice of subject and its creative structure. What we don’t think about is how to title an essay. This should be the first step after you’ve chosen the subject of your descriptive, argumentative, or another essay.

Your paper title has to be an attention hook for your readers and the main focus of the paper. There are lots of intricacies as to creating an engaging title, and we’ll go over every fact in this full guide for every student and professional writer.

Essay Title Components

The first thing to look into when learning how to title an essay is its components. In an argumentative essay, you have to be strict with the topic, every argument, and evidence. In a descriptive essay, you have more freedom. Professional writers working at writing services know everything about this and can help you by providing a high-quality paper.

The situation is similar with the essay title. Let’s go through the main parts.

When you write a topic for your paper, here’s what to include:

  • An attention hook - Your headline has to be eye-catching, and this can be achieved with such hooks;
  • Focus keyword - This one or several describe the additional details to the essay title;
  • Main keyword - This one describes what your assignment is about, it’s the main topic.

All these have to be in your catchy name to make the paper a success. Your professor has to want to read it.

Main Rules of Headline Writing

If you write essay titles according to the following rules, there will be much more attention drawn to your writing. This may also improve your grades in the long run:

  • Make sure your title depicts the sense of the writing. Read the thesis statement of your assignment several times before writing a catchy name. The heading has to summarize the main idea of the paper. It has to be professional and eye-catching.
  • Capitalize it according to the needed style. Whether it’s APA or MLA, you’ll need to capitalize your heading in a certain way. Make sure you know the rules before handing in the paper. 
  • Don’t format it in any other way. If you’re that student who likes to underline everything, this might not be the best idea for an essay title. While it might look good, your professor may not think so.
  • Read an example. A professional writing service will provide a high-quality example for you to take as a template.

Make sure you go through all of these rules before handing in the final version of your paper.

The Process of Creating an Essay Title

Let’s see more on the process of actually creating the paper’s heading. There are certain steps that every professional writer uses, and you should too:

  • Consider writing the heading last. A lot of students find the idea of writing the essay title last very useful. You know exactly what’s your argument, which quote, phrase, and fact are key.
  • Put your thesis statement to action. The best source for an engaging name is your thesis statement. After you make that perfect, use it as the basis for the heading.
  • Use a popular phrase or an updated cliche. Putting a re-made cliche or a popular phrase into your paper name will benefit the final result. It will improve the quality of the title and engage your reader. You can also consult your professor as to using a quote.
  • Pay attention to the tone. Connect the tone of the heading with the tone of your paper. The reader feels this connection, and it just looks and sounds more organic. It’s not appropriate to joke in the essay title if the topic and the tone are very serious. Match the quality of vocabulary as well.
  • Use the three-word rule. The rule is that you have to sum up the whole essay in just three words and use it as the main part of the heading (before the colon). Then give a very brief description after the colon, awakening interest in your readers.

These are worth printing out and hanging on a wall in your study corner. Every heading will come out perfectly when doing every step.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Create an Essay Title

Some of the most common mistakes are:

  • Making the title too sensitive (given the topic is sensitive);
  • Ask the right questions that will be the highlights to your essay;
  • Don’t become too personal (in the heading or the paper);
  • Follow requirements if there are any as to the name;
  • Avoid offensive words.

These are quite simple, but sometimes students get carried away. So it’s important to be loyal and respectful.

Useful Tips on Writing the Best Heading

Some extra tips for you to avoid messing up:

  • Consider making the essay title a creative question;
  • Start thinking about the heading from the very beginning of your work;
  • The header should be above the main topic;
  • Consider taking the name of a book, movie, album, etc. and adapting it if it’s applicable;
  • Don’t make it too simple or too complicated;
  • If you can’t choose between two options, unite them;
  • Get feedback from peers, friends, and family to see if the heading works.

To Sum Up

Creating a title may be a difficult task, but once you master the art, your papers will be favorite for any professor. And remember, if there are any issues with the essay title or any other part of the process, you can always use services like EssayDragon. There are over 340 writers, always ready to help you improve grades and understand headline writing in the best way.