20 Ideas and Prompts for Your Application Essay

20 Ideas and Prompts for Your Application Essay

When you’re about to write a college application essay, you have to demonstrate your entire knowledge of your profile subjects, writing and research skills, and, of course, creativity unlike a literary analysis essay. Perhaps, the last point is the most important one. The acceptance rates have dropped significantly for many leading universities of the world. Today, it has reached a record low 5.3% for Harvard. Experts say that it continues to fall. As for Stanford, which acceptance rate was historically lower, the situation is dramatic too (only 4.69%).

So, what are they waiting for? Are there any efficient hints to survive the application process? On the example of several winning essays, we have focused on the things that make admission committee read the essay with the bated breath. The goal of this article is to share valuable secrets with those students who are ready to join one of the leading colleges or universities of English-speaking part of the world.

Application Prompts for the Chosen One

Right, studying in Harvard or Stanford today feels like being Neo. Everything is in your hands. All you have to do is to pass strict selection process. It’s a natural selection: only the strongest survive. Some academic writing services may lend a helping hand by proposing excellent custom personal statements and samples of good application essays.

So, here is the list of tips for your college application essay…

Prompt 1. Think about things you would never tell strangers about yourself. Perhaps, you have to analyze them from another aspect. Unless there is nothing criminal behind your actions, you may share how difficult it was to pronounce some particular sounds, and how much efforts you invested when learning to paint. College application essay is the place where you should not be ashamed of talking about life challenges.

Prompt 2. Do you really think that all professors are so outdated that they don’t use social networks? You’re wrong! Even the eldest representatives of admission board usually have one or more social account. So, it would be nice to discuss one of your latest posts on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram pic, or else in your application essay. This short text may tell a lot about your personality. Besides, modern admission officers are interested in modern stuff.

Prompt 3. As you might know, the US Constitution has 27 amendments. Yes, it is also considered one of the most powerful and long-lasting in the world. We are not telling you to try to impress your board with this obvious fact. Instead, try to think about the 28th amendment to make your college application essay stand out from the rest.

Prompt 4. Dedicate less time to things you’ve learned at school. People know your school program better than you might think. In your university application essay, focus more on skills gained on your own. Concentrate on the bright episodes of your life when you used to absorb knowledge without one’s help: playing guitar, painting, attending special training, etc.

Prompt 5. Explain how you manage your time on the example of one extremely overloaded day. Describe how you managed to meet your grandma early in the airport, catch up with your studies, prepare for the corporate event at your part-time job, do your homework assignments, and have a party. This will make your application essay both fun and original.

Prompt 6. Share unique experience instead of listing everything you covered during your school lessons. Even if you have just one colorful experience from the past to share in your application essay (i.e., a trip abroad), describe this event in details. What have you learned about the culture of other people?

Prompt 7. Let’s imagine that you received an opportunity to have a single do-over of any episode of your life. Which one would you choose? Don’t be limited by academic standards and official language – it’s application essay where you are free to discuss whatever you consider important about your life. You may recall a moment when you broke up with your partner.

Prompt 8. Winners love taking risks. Thus, it would be nice to recall a situation in your life where you had to make a decision between taking a risk and playing it safe. How exactly did you act last time? Would you do it another way next time?

Prompt 9. We all enjoy comedian TV series and sitcoms. Also, we all realize the meaning of famous saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Get back to the time in your life when something or someone really made you laughing out loud. Describe it in your application essay.

Prompt 10. Many grown-ups do not understand the power of friendship. They often treat any sort of adolescents’ relations as childish and short-term. But you’re about to claim the opposite in your application essay. As Saint Augustine said, ‘Lord, let me know myself, let me know you.’ recall your best friends or boyfriend/girlfriend in your application essay in the case on of these people had a great impact on your becoming.

Prompt 11. Application essay is your chance to talk about things you really like. For instance, it’s a good time to tell the world about your favorite movie, poem, musical composition, or novel. Don’t be shy!

Prompt 12. Try to explain why you have decided to spend your best years in this particular college. An extremely important part of any application essay.

Prompt 13. Name 1-3 primary long-term goals of your life.

Prompt 14. Shortly tell about your plans after college/university.

Prompt 15. Place yourself at the admission board. Think about various movie and book characters. Whom would you choose to be another student of this college no matter how good or bad their application essay would be?

Prompt 16. Hashtags trend worldwide. Give us a hashtag you wish were trending. #__________________ Why?

Prompt 17. Sport is a crucial part of any college or university. Celebrate the role of sports in your life when writing an application essay.

Prompt 18. Name the world problem which you believe might have the worst consequences. Suggest your methods to fight it.

Prompt 19. Explain what sort of good deeds you might do for the college community. Personal statement with the most vivid examples of in-college activities usually win.

Prompt 20. Answer one of the tricky questions like “If you had the ability to read other people’s minds (a.k.a. telepathy), would you use this ability or not?”

Anyway, you can always find some great examples of the college application essays and explore new ideas by downloading perfect samples from here.