Compare and Contrast Essay - Topic Selection and Writing Process

Compare and Contrast Essay - Topic Selection and Writing Process
Table of Contents
  1. Compare and Contrast Essay - Topic Selection and Writing Process
  2. Why compare and contrast essay is important
  3. What is a good compare and contrast essay topic?
  4. Compare and contrast essay topic samples
  5. Medicine:
  6. Music
  7. Modern Technologies
  8. Social Studies
  9. Religion
  10. Make things easier!

A right essay topic can make your writing a success no matter how well you approach the task. At the same time, writing a mistake-free and consistent paper on a banal theme will hardly bring you a high grade. If you want to make sure that you are working on a great piece that will impress your teacher, then you should carefully pick a topic for your writing. This is especially relevant for compare and contrast essays, which are at risk of failing if the theme is boring and banal. 

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Why compare and contrast essay is important

Contrary to the common belief, professors don’t assign essays just to make you busy and destroy your social life. In fact, these writing assignments help you develop certain skills and allow teachers to assess them. After all, the main goal of the education process is to prepare you for the adult life and to help you enhance particular skills you will use later on. The below are the main “functions” of a compare and contrast paper writing task.

  • Memory strengthening;
  • Higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) improvement; 
  • Writing skills development;
  • Critical statement formulation;
  • Habits of mind enhancement.

So you should see only the good things in tasks you are assigned to.

What is a good compare and contrast essay topic?

It is not always easy to select a winning theme for your compare and contrast essay since there are many things to be considered. Here is a shortlist of aspects to think about when picking a theme for your compare and contrast paper:

  • What interests you - The easiest way to write a quality essay is to pick a theme that is interesting to you. Thus, you will never get bored researching a topic and developing a content strategy.what is more, you reader will, of course, notice that you are passionate about what you are writing.
  • What will be interesting to your reader - You must admit that it is sometimes hard to read a text if the topic is boring or unfamiliar to you. The same situation can happen to your teacher, who may not understands anything in the subject being under discussion. In this case, an A will be far away from you. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to consider the interests of your reader when selecting a topic for your compare and contrast paper.
  • What is important to know - A piece covering a burning and fresh theme will never fail - never. As opposed to banal or done to death topics, fresh themes are like a sharp intake of breath - they intrigue, interest, and inspire.
  • What is trendy now - Following trends is a straight way to success in any business, academic writing including. Anything important happened in the world? Any new innovation has been made? Use all these happenings as the main direction for your writing.
  • What will surprise your reader - We are all come-outers in our nature; we like defending our ground. And knowing that there is someone who thinks differently makes us be attentive to one’s point of view. Based on this logic, writing a compare and contrast essay on a topic that contradicts the belief of a teacher is a smart approach.

As you can see, selecting a paper topic is a difficult task; it requires a lot of time and total concentration. That’s why we do not recommend holding back on it.

Compare and contrast essay topic samples

If you are stuck with the topic selection for your compare and contrast essay, we have prepared a top selection of themes that will inspire and guide you. Pick the general subject first and navigate to a more narrow theme to compare afterward. 


If you are studying in the medical field and are struggling to come up with an innovative theme, then you can use one of our suggestions. No need to read a book - we have all of them here.

  1. To Vaccinate Newborns or Not?
  2. Smoking & Drinking: Similarities in Harmful Influence of These Habits;
  3. Traditional and Non-Traditional Medical Approaches;
  4. To Have Universal Health Care or Not?
  5. Operations VS Therapeutic Cancer Curing;
  6. Psychology vs. Psychiatry: Differences and Common Links;
  7. Plastic Surgery or Natural Aging: What Is Better?
  8. The Additives to Meats: Which Are Good and Which Are Bad?
  9. Comparison of Free & Paid Medicine: What Achievements Every System Gained?
  10. Vegetarianism VS Meat Eating: What Type of Meals Are of Human Nature?


Passionate about music? Then you should probably pick the theme for your compare and contrast essay that has something to do with it. Here is a shortlist of topics that might inspire you:

  1. Blues vs. Gospel Music;
  2. Rock Music: Comparison of Possible Ways of Appearance;
  3. Straus vs. Beethoven;
  4. Popular or Niche Music: Comparison of Social Impacts;
  5. Pop Music vs. Classical Music;
  6. Compare Between Folk Music in Different Countries of the EU;
  7. Trends in Music: XX vs. XXI Centuries;
  8. Music vs. Poetry: Do They Affect Humans in the Same Way? 
  9. Listening to Music vs. Playing Music: What’s Different/ the Same in the Two?
  10. Compare and Contrast the Influences of Music and the Influences of the Internet on the Youth of the Digital Era.

Modern Technologies

The growth of tech industries has changed the world in almost innumerable ways. And there is no such a person who is uninterested in modern technologies and solutions. Therefore, a topic for a compare and contrast essay that is associated with modern technologies is halfway to success! Find inspiration in the below themes:

  1. iOS vs. Android;
  2. Science and Technology: A Comparative Study on the Relational Dynamics and Similarities Between the Two;
  3. Facebook vs. Google+;
  4. Oil Energy VS Alternative Resources & Their Influence on People’s Lives and Nature;
  5. 2D vs. 3D Movies;
  6. Technology at Home: Comparison of Weak and Strong Sides of Smart Houses;
  7. Traditional and 360° Video;
  8. Texting vs. Writing Letters;
  9. Gas VS Coconuts: Comparison of Alternative Energy Resources;
  10. Should More or Less Be Invested in Space Technology?

Social Studies

These ideas will help you find a perfect topic and focus on the writing part:

  1. Working Full-Time in the Office vs. Freelancing;
  2. Western and Eastern Traditions of Children Education Compare: Features of Both Approaches;
  3. Raising Children in the Double-Career Families and in the Families with Parent Staying at Home;
  4. Contrast and Difference Between Freud and Jung Psychological Schools;
  5. Gender Roles in Western and Eastern Worlds;
  6. Attitude to Parents and Family: Its Development Throughout the 20th Century;
  7. Immigration vs. Emigration;
  8. Day or Night? Choosing the Best Working Schedule for a Student;
  9. Comparative Analysis of the Different Methods of Teaching for the Young and Adult Learners;
  10. Introverts vs. Extraverts.


Your teacher assigned a compare and contrast essay to you and gave you the freedom of choosing the subject yourself? The last thing you want is to waste time on theme selection. The below examples will make your topic strong and impactful.

  1. Compare Different Religions, e.g. Islam vs Buddhism;
  2. Religion and Art in Western and Eastern Cultures;
  3. Compare Different Branches of the Same religion, e.g. Catholic vs Protestant;
  4. Pagan Religions of Slavic and Germanic Folks: Possible Similarities and Differences;
  5. Traditional Religion vs. Sect;
  6. Similarities Between Philosophy and Religion;
  7. Peculiarities of the Same Religion in Different Countries;
  8. Religious Studies vs. Anthropology;
  9. Monotheism vs. Polytheism;
  10. The Similarities Between Religious Practices and Cultural Ones.

Make things easier!

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